Returns Policy

• I take special care to show my products as much as possible. In case of not being 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact me at within a maximum of 10 days after receiving your package, explaining the reasons why you don't want your order.

• If you decide to change your product, this will be done as soon as I receive the product originally purchased in my hands, it must be in the same conditions that were sent / delivered to you, otherwise, the change cannot be made and the reimbursement will be made taking into account the expenses deducted for the damages. I therefore ask that you please take special care when handling the product and packing it for shipping.

• In case you want a refund, the conditions are the same as in the previous point. Once received and verified that the product originally purchased is in the conditions that were sent by me to your hands, I will proceed to refund your money in the next 48 hours maximum.

• For both cases, the maximum time you have to return the product is 20 business days after you receive a response or notification from me about the refund or exchange. (this will be notified to you via email)

• Shipping costs for product returns are not my responsibility.

• The shipping costs in case of change, are not my responsibility.

• Keep in mind that in these cases, I make a special effort to give you a solution, but the responsibility for the purchase is yours. Therefore I cannot bear the shipping costs.

• I am not responsible for refund the money for the shipping made in the original purchase, nor for any extra taxes or fees that have been charged in transfers via PayPal.

• If necessary, in the declaration of what you are sending, you can put "sample return" to avoid extra tax fees.

** Keep in mind that as an independent artist, I run my business on my own, therefore every detail is seen by me, as well as, every expense is important to me. **

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